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All summer programs host an international orientation session prior to the start of classes where you learn the ins and outs of being a UK university student and how to make your summer program a success. You will receive the same high standard of academic and social support term and year long students receive throughout the traditional academic year. Summer programs vary in start date and length so be sure to speak with your advisor when deciding which university program is right for you. 

The summer season boasts some of the best months to be in the UK in terms of weather, social activities and sport. When time allows, explore the fabled British countryside which is spectacular during this season, visit a quintessential seaside town or attend one of the many music and cultural events such as Glastonbury Festival.

Because summer programs are condescend academic experiences, be prepared to practice time management techniques to their fullest, as you will be juggling not only assimilating to a new country and culture, but also a new way of education. All summer courses are full assessed and accredited through a mixture of coursework, presentations and group projects, and often times, class attendance credit due to the shortened term.

It’s important to note most British students do not take Summer courses due to British undergraduate degrees being more intense and specialized three year versions of the traditional American four year degree, so most students in your classes will be international as well. With that said though, there are loads of opportunities to meet students from around the world during class, in accommodation and through social programing.

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