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Your experience will depend heavily on which semester you have choosen to study abroad in. Each one has its own unique benefits:

Fall Term

In the Fall (or Autumn in the UK) term, you will be starting your studies alongside full-degree enrolled students. In addition to a formal university orientation, most UK universities will have a dedicated week called Fresher’s Week, where all the clubs, interest groups and sport groups will have open interest meetings or booths set up around campus in order to give students an opportunity to ask questions, learn more about their group or sign up.

Classes will start the week after Fresher’s Week and typically go straight through till a few weeks before Christmas time. Remember, the UK doesn’t officially celebrate Thanksgiving but some universities do hold a small dinner for American students. If you are in a bigger city like London or Edinburgh, many restaurants or pubs will have a special menu the week of Thanksgiving where you can get a little taste of home.

The Autumn term is a wonderful time to be in the UK because you get the tail end of summer, the celebrations of Diwali and Guy Fawkes Night as well as Christmas, which starts as early as the day after Halloween! Enjoy the German Christmas markets, lights, festivities and mulled wine.

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Spring Term

The Spring term is slightly longer than the Autumn term because of Easter break, which can last anywhere from three to four weeks. Most students starting in the Spring term are international and while there is typically an official Fresher’s Week, it won’t be as big as the Autumn term. You still have the same opportunities for campus and club involvement so don’t worry, you won’t miss out!

Spring term classes typically start in mid January and go till the first of April at which point Easter break commences. Easter break, while technically labelled a break, is an opportunity for students to complete their assignments for the semester and for many full-degree enrolled students, an opportunity to prepare for sat exams in May.

As a study abroad student, you will still have access to your dorm and residence hall but know that some campus facilities such as the library, cafeteria and gym may have a slightly different Easter schedule.

There are some great occasions to experience during the first half of the year in the UK; including Burns Night celebrations, St. Patricks Day and the legendary Wimbledon Tennis Tournament. If you are all caught up with your studies at Easter, you may wish to travel throughout the UK/Europe with other study abroad students! After Easter break, you will have about a month left of the term where you submit your assignments or take your final exam. Most universities will have some sort of end of year social gathering put on by the Students’ Union and is quite popular for UK and international students alike.

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