February 19, 2016

Always dreamed of studying and living in Edinburgh but a full semester abroad just doesn’t make sense for you? No worries! The University of Edinburgh’s robust summer programming offers you the chance to take general education courses as well as core courses in Art, Business, Economics and Politics, Language and Culture, Philosophy and Education. Courses start weekly starting the beginning of June through August so you can choose when and for how long you are abroad.

The University of Edinburgh is Scotland’s capital university. If you are looking for fast-paced, urban-centred university living, then this is it. Integrated throughout the city, you’ll most likely end up walking the busy high streets or taking the bus/train to and from class everyday. You would be in the heart of the city, surrounded by fun touristy things to do, see and experience and of course, you’ll be able to call Edinburgh Castle your next door neighbour!

Applications are due early April, so speak to an Across The Pond advisor today.

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