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Emilie Gauthier
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Why should I use the Across The Pond Service?

For a decade Across The Pond have helped students study in the UK. With free one to one support and guidance, we can help you plan the right study abroad experience for you. We represent a range of affordable UK Study Abroad programs at internationally recognized universities in London, Edinburgh and beyond. Each of our partner universities and programs are handpicked based on the academic standard and student experience that they offer. With many of our team being study abroad alumni of the institutions, you will receive a wealth of first-hand knowledge and expertise.

How much will study abroad cost?

Costs of study abroad programs depend on a few factors, primarily the length of program and location of the university. Schools located in major cities, such as London or Edinburgh, Scotland will carry higher fees and costs of living than schools in smaller, more rural British locations. We have many universities throughout the UK and work with you to find a school that is a good academic, social and financial fit.

How do I decide which university and program is right for me?

Selecting the right study abroad program is highly personal and individual to each student. First, decide what is important to you. Do you want to focus on a specific subject? Do you want to study in the Fall or Spring? Are you looking for hands on practical experience or access to research facilities? Speak to an Across The Pond Advisor today and they can help identify the best options for you based on your academic and personal objectives and assist with your application.

Will all grades/credits be accepted by my home university?

Typically, yes; however, part of the application process with Across the Pond requires you to have a conversation with your US University beforehand to ensure foreign credits transfer under your specific university rules and regulations. You also need to check that you are choosing courses/classes needed to fulfill your US degree requirements.

How long is a study abroad program?

Study abroad programs vary in length and can accommodate nearly any student schedule, however, the most common is the semester study abroad, which last approximately three months. Read more about the different program durations to help you evaluate your options.

What are the housing options?

All Across the Pond UK universities offer housing for study abroad students. Facilities vary across schools, but typical UK universities offer single room accommodation with shared bathroom, kitchen and living room/common space. International students are typically housed alongside British and other international students. UK universities sort out housing and will communicate housing information directly to students.

What documents are needed to travel abroad?

When you arrive in the UK, border and immigration officers might request to see a copy of documents to ensure you are who you say you are and that you are eligible for study in the UK. Most importantly, you will require a valid passport. In most instances you will also be required to show evidence of original documents to prove financial support for tuition and maintenance (bank statements and student loan summaries), an original offer letter from the UK university, details of your destination (address/telephone number of the university), and an official US university transcript. Your personal Across The Pond Advisor can help you identify all of the paperwork that is needed for your specific program choice.

How much spending money is needed?

This heavily depends on the type of experience you envision for your time in the UK but a rough estimate would be GBP £100-200 per week depending on lifestyle. Choosing to stay local and explore closer to your UK location is usually the easiest way to ensure costs are kept low. However, with mainland Europe on your doorstep you may wish to explore further afield and so you need to be aware that multiple trips to the continent will soon add up.

What are the best ways to access and/or exchange money abroad?

The best way to access money abroad is through your US bank’s ATM network. Many American banks have partnerships with British banks that allow users to access funds without paying an additional foreign transaction fee or currency fee. Please check with your local banks. Exchanging money can be done at nearly every foreign bank around the world and at exchange shops in airports.

Who is responsible for making travel arrangements?

You are responsible for all travel expenses and arrangements to and from the UK as well as any additional travel you chose to partake in whilst abroad. Ask your Across The Pond Advisor for tips on which discount travel providers to use.

What are the common means of transportation while abroad?

Most parts of the UK have excellent transport networks, including local bus, rail, underground and tram services. There are very few places that cannot be reached with some form of mass transit. When purchasing local bus or underground train network passes make sure to ask for student discounts, as they won’t always be advertised. This could save you money so it’s always worth asking! Always ask your UK University upon arrival about various student travel options.

What will the food be like?

In addition to traditional British dishes, there are many different types of food available including but not limited to Indian, Thai, Chinese, Italian & Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and yes, even Mexican! There is a wide range of supermarkets in the UK, and many universities have food shops on-campus, which are ideal for last minute items, though these will typically be more expensive. For weekly food shopping it is more cost-efficient to visit large supermarkets, such as Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s, Marks & Spencer’s and Waitrose. Most campuses are within walking distance or a short bus trip away from these establishments. One of the best aspects of visiting a new country is the chance to discover new favorites. The British pub is at the center of life in the UK. During the week, they are filled with students and business professionals alike enjoying a meal or watching a televised football match after work. On weekends, you’ll find families celebrating birthday parties and depending on the time of year, special holiday themed festivities. The way to find the best local pub is by trial and error, although it’s hard to find one you won’t be enamored with!