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Each of our partner universities and programs are handpicked based on the academic standard and student experience that they offer. With many of our team being study abroad alumni of the institutions, you will receive a wealth of first-hand knowledge and expertise.

Not sure what program duration is right for you? We have compiled some pointers to help you evaluate your options.

The semester is the most traditional length for a study abroad because it gives you just enough time to get comfortable with new friends and develop a feeling of immersion into your new city or town. It allows you to complete a normal course load and provides enough flexibility and free time to explore and travel beyond your British university. In all honestly, you probably won't even have enough time to fully get homesick! On the academic side, your US University is used to students taking a semester abroad, so this will be your easiest option from a scheduling perspective. Read more about the benefits of a semester experience.

If you aren’t able/willing to give up your time during the academic year, summer is the perfect time to go abroad. Many UK universities offer condensed summer courses allowing you to earn US credit for shorter term study abroad programs. Summer programs are growing in popularity because they give you the freedom of going abroad when you are less busy with extra-curricular commitments. Discover how a summer program could work for you.

Going abroad for a semester versus a year is a huge difference and one you should think about extensively when deciding on study abroad length. Location is going to be key in a year-long study abroad because you will be living in your chosen city for more than a semester and will experience all four weather seasons and holidays. Additionally, the UK has different visa requirements based on how long you plan to be in the UK, and going for longer than six months requires you to apply for Tier 4 student visa (rather than the student visitor visa you’d get for short term study abroad, which is less complicated to obtain). This type of study abroad requires significantly more planning than a summer or semester abroad program and an Across the Pond advisor can help you navigate your way through it. Explore this program type to find out if it's for you.

Across The Pond also help students who want to study on full-time degree programs in the UK. If you think you are ready for full-time study in the UK or want to learn more, check out the undergraduate and graduate school opportunities and how Across The Pond can help.